How It Works

Conveniently Located Near Intermodal Yards With Flat Fee Daily Rates
How it Works

In-Gate -> Park -> Generate Pick-Up Number -> Out-Gate




Parking Equipment


  • Proceed to Automated Kiosk to check in
  • Receive gate receipt 
  • Gate receipt will instruct where to park equipment and go

Picking up Equipment


  1. Pay for equipment HERE (we accept all major credit cards)
  2. Receive pick up # to outgate
  3. Enter pick up # at outgate kiosk and go!

Have an Empty Container? 

Terminate your empty container at the same yard to DeLong for Export

Save $$$$$

  • Rail Road storage fees
  • Drayage
  • Fuel
  • Parking fees
  • Saves Drivers Time
  • Make more trips in a day


Space Available




Our Facilities

Our parking lots provide a convenient, low-cost solution for your container, trailer, chassis and truck storage needs.  Rest assured with our secured lots, easy access, and proximity to the BNSF LPC and UP G4 intermodal yards. 


  • Parking for 20', 40', 45', 53', Van Trailers and Bare Chassis
  • Hours: ALWAYS Open
  • Fast in/out time
  • Paid parking is calculated by calendar day (midnight-to-midnight)
  • Locked-in rates with no long term commitment
  • Drivers issued a paper printed receipt
  • Pay online
  • We accept all major credit and debit cards
  • 100% fenced in lot with security cameras
  • Lots are fully lit and paved
  • Snow and ice-free winter parking